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Dig Deep Improv

Improv Workshops, Teambuilding Events & Courses

Melissa launched Dig Deep in 2021 and runs one-off workshops for beginners, longer courses for people who want to hone their skills and Improv Jams where anyone can put their name in the Jam Jar and get up on stage to perform improv when their name is called! Melissa also works with corporate teams, bringing her Improv workshops and bespoke teambuilding sessions to companies that are looking to bring more creativity into the work place, to improve soft skills or to bond a team together. Previous clients include EIB, Amazon and The University of Luxembourg. Dig Deep Improv workshops and courses are regularly oversubscribed and many of Melissa’s first time improvisers have become committed students of the art form.

Dig Deep Improv

What is Improv?

Find yourself umming and aahing through conversations or meetings? Want to try something creative and spontaneous? Or, do you want to try some theatre but aren't into learning lines? Improv might be for you. We make scenes on the spot based on a prompt, and see where the muse takes us. Improv is based upon the principle of ‘yes and’ meaning we accept what has been offered to us and build upon it. Teamwork, active listening, commitment, accepting mistakes and celebrating failure are all key to Improv and all of these skills can have positive effects outside the workshops in our personal and professional lives. Melissa strives to create a warm, supportive and safe environment where there is no pressure to be clever or funny; where you can just be yourself and most of all have tonnes of fun!

Teambuilding Events

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to improve your team’s performance and cohesion? Do you want to boost your team’s soft skills and confidence through interactive and engaging activities? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Dig Deep specialises in building soft skills and team familiarity through improv theatre. In Improv, the actors create scenes and characters on the spot, without any script or preparation. It is a great way to develop creativity, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, as well as to foster trust and rapport among team members. Our events are designed to suit your specific needs and goals. We can tailor the duration, format, and content of our improv workshops according to your preferences. We can also arrange catering and drinks for your event if desired. Our events are suitable for teams of any size and background, from large banks and universities to tech companies and startups. Whether you want to improve your team’s morale, productivity, or innovation, we have the perfect improv solution for you. Contact us today and let us help you transform your team with the power of improv!

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“Our team not only had a blast but also learned invaluable skills in a fun and engaging way. We eagerly anticipate future events under Melissa's guidance”

K. Neu, Ferrero

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